Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Doing a major HD here, finished Inspiration, one of my goals for this year. It fits beautifully into a standard 16X20 frame and this will be a birthday gifts for my daughter.

How is everyone else coming along with theirs? You all must be getting so close to a finish! no?

I am looking at starting Alpine Season by Martina Weber after I finish a baby sampler for our newest granddaughter.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Error alert!

How is everyone doing with Inspiration, not much postings lately, I guess everyone is busy stitching lol

I am working on the middle part (village section) and notice the 'bent' trees on the right do not line up with the ones on the left. One is off by one row. Just thought I would pass on this information.


Friday, March 27, 2009

My Progress Update

Here is my progress as of last night. I have completed through page four. I fully intended to stitch about all day last Saturday, but stripped the bathroom floor instead.... :o( Hopefully things will be different this Saturday! Sorry it's sideways.... it was this way in my computer and I uploaded before I thought....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Progress

Here's my progress as of this evening. And no, I'm not having any problems with motivation. I will probably work across to the right side and then move on to another project though.
I did do a bit of singing this afternoon, as I stitched a few of the Village People. My friends weren't impressed though, and suggested I go back to stitching another part of the design.
Happy stitching, on whatever you're working on.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Congrats, Christine!! THE WINNER!!!!

I have to admit. I'm burned out on this piece. I've put this one up for a few days and will try again. I'm exactly 1/2 way finished. And, no, Dana, this is not a trick to get you to ease off so I can beat you. LOL!!

So admit it, ladies.....who else is burned out?


Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, here it is. I can't believe I finished. Up until the last day, it was sketchy since there are so many color changes. I still had 15 colors or so on Saturday but finished Sunday morning.

A few hints, the pages are not well separated as you go on. I would strongly recommend stitching the bottom half of the center motif (up until and including the diamond border) all at the same time. Also, I would recommend stitching the border up until the diamond border also. Pages 18 and 24 have the corner and that was a recipe for disaster. I found it hard to stitch that sections so was better off beaking it up into smaller sections.


Happy Stitching!

Christine in MO

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 update from Becky

At long last, I am posting my updated pic. I have not stitched on this for almost a month. After the auction, I was just totally wiped out and felt I just couldn't concentrate on the intricate details of the "village people". LOL!! Hopefully, I'm going to get back to this tonight!!


Thursday, March 5, 2009


Here is my update...I had a 127 stitch head start.

Christine in MO


Friday, February 27, 2009

latest wip

Here is Inspiration as of today, really slow going as I have way too many other projects that I am working on.


Inspiration Feb.27/09

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Progress

I've made some progress on my Inspiration over the last few days. I've finished the first pages across the top (other than a few stitches here and there) and am now working on page 7. I'll have a couple more days on it, then I'll be back to some of my monthly SALs.

Anyone else working on their projects? Barb

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm almost finished!!!!! (with FAS......)

Did I scare you for a minute? ;o)

My goal was to be finished by the end of Feb originally, and then I agreed to participate in a study at the Psychology dept at Vanderbilt on those who have had the brain surgery for Epilepsy and my dates are next Monday and Tuesday. I knew I had to have it finished by the time I went up there. I can not waste the trip to Nashville and not drop it off at the Post to be framed, now could I??? Here is what I lack as of 11:00 p.m. last night....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Making Progress

Hi ladies. Here's my progress on Inspiration so far. I am really loving this project, in spite of the frequent colour changes. The gridding has made the world of difference.

I always have great intentions of getting lots of stitching done, but never seem to accomplish as much as I would like. The best days are when Lynn & I get together, and stitch all day. We surface for coffee and food, and back at the stitching. It's wonderful. Happy stitching!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


But not on Inspiration......on my FAS. Here is my latest picture. I have now completed 10 of the 12 pages. WOOHOO!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my progress

Here is my progress as of yesterday, I worked on the right hand side and got as far as starting the urn.

My progress through Jan. 20, 2009

I LOVE stitching on this piece. Can't seem to put it down. My plan was to work on this and another piece at the same time, but haven't taken a break from Inspiration yet. Guess I am truly"inspired"! LOL!!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Goal set!

I have a goal for the end of Feb to be finished with FAS. I wanted to be finished with the current page this weekend, but didn't quite make it. Got close, but not quite. Should by this weekend, and then I will only have two pages left. It's is eating me away! LOL! This working over is not helping. It's looking like there might be a Saturday in my schedule this week..... UGH.....

And Becky, they did the internal interviews this week, but apparently no one is qualified enough. So now they will post the job in the paper and start taking those. Just makes the suspense longer for me. I asked her about a week ago that when they filled my job, what would my position be? She kind of covered her face and looked up at me and said with a funny look on her face : "I haven't decided on a title for you yet..." But I can not decide if she's pulling me along though. We went to lunch on Thursday and one of the higher ups went with us. We were all talking about the restructuring and she even made the comment "She doesn't know exactly what she's going to be doing yet..." with Ed there. But, Friday, she called me in there and she had developed a review for both the employee and the employee's manager to work up during reviews on the employees. She had me fill out one on a co-worker 'to see if it worked'. It has a formula to calculate the result. My result was 10 points off from hers on the same person, but landed in the same final category. Dale, our HR manager was also in there, and she said to me, "Now you see just exactly what we, I mean what I, will be filling out..." I still think that this is going to be a good thing. I am so trying to be patient. :o)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

whoops, I meant taut in my previous post. Here is the site for the Branson shop...


Checking in

Hi All,

Sorry I am so late logging on here. I had trouble with my safari browser. So I am at church where I could at least get set up.

I am on page 2, no photo, sorry.

How is everyone stitching the inner border? I am having trouble with the backstitching. I was using three small backstitches per leg but switched to one long backstitch per thread but it's hard to get taught. Any thoughts?

Lots of ladies from the St Louis stitching group are going to a stitching retreat in Branson Missouri at a shop called Cecilia's samplers. Do I hear the words road trip? The next retreat is in April but they run them spring and fall.

Christine in MO

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've Got It Started

Here's my progess after a short time working on Inspiration. To me, it is really worth the time I have spent on gridding the fabric.

I'm really enjoying this stitch, and have realized that while there may be lots (and lots) of pages to the pattern, each page doesn't take that much time to actually stitch.

I'm hoping that I'll also have success with posting a picture here of my progress.
Thanks for the info Dana, on where to b/s the stamens.
Happy stitching everyone. Barb

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Also Here

Please forgive me if I do something wrong. This is my first time to start a post.

I'm still around, and have just started stitching this pattern. I have the outer edge and part of one flower done on page 1 - so yes, I have just started. I decided that I was going to grid my fabric (28 count ivory - a yellowish colour), so spent time yesterday doing that. That is a slow process for sure. But it makes it so nice to actually stitch, because I know that what I've done is in the correct place.

I'm having a problem figuring out the b/s on this page (yes, I know I just started), but how do you know what is vine and what is the stamen of the large flower? Is the large flower the yellow/red one in the upper corner?

I am looking forward to doing more work on this design, and am off to do a bit more gridding or stitching on it.

I know Lynn has been doing some stitching on Inspiration but has had to deal with some health issues for her mother over the last few days.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm here

Just not much to report..............I'm finished with page one except for 3053, I'm waiting for the Hobby Lobby to get that one in. I'll start page 2 tonight, so not to worry, not much competition on this side!! LOL!!

Wow, you sound really busy with the auction, will it get better once it gets kicked off and going, will until close to the actual auction of course? I hope everything is going ok with your DH's job, you definitely don't need that stress...........I hope we can get together when I'm back up there!

Happy Stitching!

OK...Where is Everyone?

Dana and I are the only 2 checking in! The rest of you are way too busy stitching and winning the whole thing, aren't you? I'll be back later today with pics. There was no stitching for me last night. I had to be at school for drama and dance team meetings from 7 til 10. Then I worked on auction stuff until almost 3 this morning. Organizing and sending out e-mails. It sure would have been nice to have a co-chair to help out with this stuff. No one wants to volunteer for anything that takes longer than a day to complete.

Becky, who hopes to hear from others soon

Monday, January 12, 2009

You are sooo right!

Whenever there is any kind of threat of inclement weather, you won't find a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk for 10 miles! LOL!

And Becky, you are smokin that needle. But just wait..... my day is coming. I am trying to wait until I finish the FAS to take another picture. Both kids have homework, I have laundry going, but I don't have to cook. Bryon is out doing side work, that is my saving grace. Once I get these kids finished with everything, the needle and thread is mine!


And another one gone.....

Oh, yes!! Another Inspiration page bites the dust for me! I'm 10% finished! Page 3 is complete and a bit of page 4 has begun. I am SO loving stitching this piece, what about you?

I'll take a pic and post an update soon. Tonight I have a drama meeting at the high school at 7 because Whitney is in the school play and a dance team meeting at 8 because we are less than a month from going to the national competition. Then I HAVE to go to the store. They said the "S" word on the weather forecast which means that I have to make a mandatory appearance at the grocery store. It's the law here in the south. If snow is mentioned, you HAVE to report to the nearest grocery store to buy supplies for the rest of the winter because it may never melt, you know.

Stop laughing, Dana.....You KNOW I'm telling the truth!!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another one bites the dust! (Page, that is)

Another page of the FAS anyway. I was down to the 4 pages on the bottom out of the 12 total. I completed the one on the far right, and am now down to three! I got Kristin's name on there tonight! All of our first names are now on the sampler. Still have yet to get our last name, Luke's initials, and part of my initials. Everything else is there. I got a bit done this weekend, despite not getting to stitch like I wanted to yesterday.


Not to worry!

You aren't the only one who has put it aside for a bit. I have been stitching on FAS, when I have been stitching. I had big plans to sit and stitch ALL DAY yesterday! Around 10:00 I sat down to start doing so. A little bit later I got up to get some stuff out for supper that evening, only to discover that our fridge had apparently went out! Things i the freezer were thawing/thawed! ARRGH! I had been hearing a random clicking int he kitchen, and had actually mentioned it to Bryon, but it would not have mattered anyway. It was the I spent the day emptying, throwing away, and then cleaning the floor, and then going to town and buying another fridge, and then putting everything back! We got a quote on having the compressor fixed, which would have been half of what the new one cost! The last one was only 6 years old. Grrrr.... Such is life, I guess...


Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Am Still Here

I have been stitching on my little snowmen designs that I had lined up to do as soon as the holidays are over. I feel kind of like maybe I'm letting people down by not stitching on Inspiration right away, but I'll get caught up. I'm just in a snowman mood right now...and the mood to do some smaller things and actually see some accomplishment!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Just wait, I WILL catch you!

I stitched a little again last night after we got home from my parents taking us out for Bryon's b'day last night, then we ran to Lowe's to look at flooring possibilities, and then I went to WM for groceries! Then I scrubbed a bathroom last night, too! But I stitched on FAS..... I am having problems putting it down right now, BUT, I will catch up! I have decided that I will NOT remove all that I would have to on that big Z. Reasons following:
1. Because of the type of pattern, no one will ever know by looking
2. All of the other letters around it are correct.
3. I won't know for sure how much excess silk that I have until I make it to the end. No wasting that much until I am finished, if I decide I want to change it then, I will, but not until.

Yours is looking great, Becky. I have to get up early in the morning to have Kristin at the church at 7 (UGH), but I should not have to do much tomorrow. Hoping for a stitch day. Not supposed to be doing anything strenuous for a while with my shoulder anyway. :o) I am thinking of calling Donna and see if she would like to come over and sit and stitch with me! The more I think about it, the more fun it would be. I think I shall have to call her today.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

OK, Here's most of page 2....well most of it. I realized I hadn't done the bottom right side border. No stitching for me today at all. I've been catching up on computer work and, well, you all know what else I've been working on.

Mary, Initiation isn't exactly pouring a coke in your purse. It's more a SPILLING of a coke into your purse. Let's just say a 2 year old was not exactly impressed with me at lunch. Sorry I couldn't meet you for lunch today. I actually ate during the meeting because the hair appointment ran too long. Only 51 days.....YIKES.....

OK, hopefully this weekend will bring back some stitching time, but I'm not going to count on it.


Yes, I survived!

I didn't realize that part of the group "initation" was coke in your purse! I'm glad I missed that, because there sure is a lot of stuff in there that doesn't go well with coke!!! LOL!! She was very well behaved, I have more trips up here in the next few weeks so I'll see how things progress. :) I worked on my LK again last night, less than 3 words left! My client for next week cancelled, so I'll be working from home. Strangely enough DH is going to be out of town, so I'll have the house to myself.........hopefully I can get caught up with some of you all on Inspiration!!! Becky, I'll keep your DH in my prayers, hopefully everything will be ok, it's a tough time for people in his field. Even the governments have tightened their belts and we are feeling it also, the time home is great, but it doesn't help the paycheck or business. You all have a great day! I get to fly home this afternoon!!!


I knew you would win!

Thought I was Chris, didn't you? :op I will get back to mine, especially after last night. I am MAD at my FAS!

There was not much stitching at all for me last night with that headache from hades. But I did stitch a little, and it was on FAS. And I had to frog that. AND, I realized that I have made a counting boo boo on my big Z on the bottom right corner! ARRRGH! It couldn't have been one of the little letters, but the biggest letters on there! I am not for certain that I am going to remove it yet.... the Y next to it is correct. It is one stitch, so I might just leave it. I noticed it when I was checking the little letter that I had just stitched above it and it was off. That was the one that I removed. ;o)

You know that I will keep your DH in my prayers. Be sure to keep me updated as you hear. One thing for sure, this recession is not a respecter of persons, is it?

On a lighter note, poor Bryon. He will now have to deal with double PMS every month in this household! LOL! On that aspect of it, I think it is kind of humorous! On the other hand, my little girl is growing up..... :o(


Page 2-Complete!

Ah, yes! 2 down, 28 more to go. LOL!

Yes, Dana, Mary survived our meeting and I did NOT pour a coke inside her purse. I'm sure she was thrilled. I actually acted my age instead of like a 2 year old. I try my best to make a good first impression. In fact, if you will remember, the true me didn't start showing up until at least the 3rd meeting. Donna was just unlucky to meet me for the first time when I was with you. LOL!!

I spent the morning picking up around the house so it could be cleaned and the afternoon working on auction. 52 days and counting. I spent the day at church checking in on the art show meeting, the lady doing our links on the church website, the maintenance staff to make sure we were straight on set up days and times, etc. Then I spent until around 8 pm making calls to secure items, hosts for events, etc. I need a pencil and paper with me at all times to write down everything I know I won't remember in 5 minutes. I feel like the little engine who could. I keep telling myself, I think I can, I think I can. In 52 days I'll know if I could. LOL!!

I would appreciate it if you all would keep my husband in your prayers. The next few days will determine if his company will go under or have a chance to succeed. If it goes under, that means no job for who knows how long. He is an investment manager, so you can imagine that the past year has not been good. There is a lot to the story, but a lot has to do with poor management and he is helpless to stop it because they won't listen to him. Anyway, the next week is crucial.

I'm off to bed. I went to bed early and slept well last night, but I'm just now feeling sleepy, so I'd better go while I can. I'll take pictures and try to post by the weekend.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


You mean you met up with Becky, and you lived to tell about it? Are you ever lucky! Seriously, she's a pretty good girl. I think so anyway.

I stitched on FAS again last night. We watched 3 episodes of Unit. I didn't bring out my stitching until the second one I think it was. It had my FULL attention! We have church tonight, and tomorrow is Bryon's birthday. Not sure if we will go and do something or not. Still pretty slim right now after him being off for two weeks.

Becky, Bryon said that yesterday he was hearing April or August on this 4-8 hr day week baloney! He will be sending out resumes somewhere! Can't sit around and work 32 hour weeks for that long! And also I do know that the internal job posting of my job, the interested applicants have to have their resumes in by this coming Monday. I figure that they will be publishing it in the paper as well. I also know that there is one girl that has submitted her interest from work. "My" Lindsey had put in her resume a few weeks ago. She graduated from Bethel a few weeks ago, from their success program. I am afraid that Val is wanting a more specific accounting education like mine. But, who knows......I do know her resume was in the HR manager's box yesterday, because I saw it in there! In that success program, you graduate with a BS in Organizational Management, or something like that. She had an accounting class or two in that program.

Girls, ya'll have a wonderful day. And those of you who do not have a public job outside the home, think of me if you get some stitching in during the day today. :o) Just think that I would rather be doing the same thing! LOL! The weekend is drawing near.....


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No stitching last night, but..........

I had a great time meeting Becky! I bought some charts (Surprise!) and had lots of "encouragement" from Becky!! Not that I need too much.........LOL!!! In my hotel room tonight and planning to work on my LK Double Flips, won't get to work on Inspiration until Friday since I won't be home until late Thursday night. We even got to have chocolate cake with dinner.......gotta have my chocolate!! Thanks for hanging out with me Becky, we'll have to get together again soon!


Starting Over

Well, I debated for a day or so, and finally decided to take out what I had done on Inspiration. Since that was not much, it was not really a big deal. What settled the matter was measuring. Although the piece of fabric...which is huge by the way...looks almost square, it should be slightly longer one way. So before I created a disaster, I decided to remeasure and make sure I was stitching the right way on the fabric. When I measured, I remembered that I had done a smart thing. Since this piece is large, I had decided to leave 4 inches all around instead of 3 inches. That meant I had an extra inch that would help the fabric stay in the qnap better. I tried to use 11 inch qsnaps but it's just too much to handle without my arm getting tired. This should be a joy to stitch, not a chore. So I went back to my 8 inch qsnaps. I started the border again last night, and it was SO much easier to stitch. I really enjoyed it. I realized that I had been avoiding it because it was not comfortable. So I hope to get some done on it now.

Becky, the Ho Ho Ho chart is by SanMan Originals and was one of their Secret Shop charts for those who subscribe to the newsletter. They have these charts in their newsletter that are available while they last and there are usually only 20 or so of them. I happened to be right there when the newsletter came and so I got several. Usually by the time I see the newsletter the ones I want are all gone.

I think it was Dana who posted about stitching some other things...I will be doing that too. I had been stitching seasonal things all through fall and the holidays and had some snow-themed things that I wanted to start next. The SAL was a last minute decision and so I still want to stitch my snow things! I'll be posting pics on my blog as they get done if anyone wants to see...


Don't Fret, Becky!

I stitched on FAS again last night. I guess that I am so close to the finish line that it is killing me at this point! I am about 1/2 finished with the current page. Or more. Those corner pages with the border takes a lot, and I have all of the border done. Anyhow, I am on a roll with it right now. I stitched through two episodes of Unit. I am figuring that I will more than likely finish this before I really get into the SAL. I may work on it from time to time, don't get me wrong, but I am excited about getting close to being done with FAS. I figure you have auction coming up, I will have time to catch up with you! LOL! Even though the floss is variegated (on FAS), it's the same thing over and over.... :o) It will be pretty when done. Bet you can't guess what my $50 GC to the post will be going towards???

I saw that pattern briefly on Suzanne's blog and wondered how long before you saw it.... Time to get ready for work AGAIN! DRAT! Oh, I will keep you updated on what is going on there.....

Dana little enabler, you!

I was strolling through your blog and saw the Ho Ho Ho chart with the fantastic Santa button. Now you have to give me details, girl! Who designed that and how do I find it? I loved it!! Santa and I have a thing going, so how can I resist!


No Stitching for me today! Boo Hoo!

Well, school doesn't start here until tomorrow, so Whitney and I had a bit of time this morning for breakfast at Cracker Barrel (to celebrate having our house back to the normal number of inhabitants) and a quick stop by the mall. Then I came home to do some auction work, then met Mary, YES, OUR MARY, at the Stitchin' Post for some shopping and dinner at Dana's 2nd favorite restaurant, O'Charley's. I then invited her to visit "The Inner Sanctum" where we fondled some stash and planned our stitching for the rest of our lives. It was a great visit and we had a great time!! Thanks, Mary, for letting me know you were going to be in town!!

Chris, you would have been SO proud of me! I enabled Mary to buy a chart! I was the pot-stirrer for once. You have taught me well!

So, no stitching for me today, but I got quite a bit done last night. Maybe I'll post a pic tomorrow night. I will be at the church working on auction things tomorrow for most of the day and I have meetings on Wednesday morning and afternoon. You all might get ahead of me now, but come March, I'll catch up!!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome Barb!

Just want to extent a welcome to Barb, a good friend of mine.



Well, I dug out my Inspiration, something that hadn't seen the light of day since August of last year only to find out that I had to do some frogging, so I took some time and did some gridding and restitched the inside zigzag. Once that was done I did some of the wines on the left side, next I will be filling in. I also have a few projects on the go, so will not be working exclusively on it. It was however a good day to stitch as we have freezing rain today and snow forcasted for tomorrow. Sometimes I do like winter! lol


You all are blowing me away!

We spent yesterday on a day trip to Jacksonville to pick up some alterations that we had at Dillards. It's a 2 hour trip each way, so by the time we shopped a bit, ate and tried on the clothes, it was an all day affair. The puppies didn't let me stitch much last night, they kept wanting to help. Today is church and packing to leave home at 5:00 am tomorrow, so I hope to get most of the first page done today and as the puppies get older hopefully they will entertain themselves more. I did get some stitching done on the LK double flips, Living with Charm done on the trip. 32 ct is not the best car project though..........

Looking good girls!

Your pictures are looking great girls! I tell you, this is fun and I really love this blog thing. I just might have to look into starting one of my own.....

Love your fabric too Becky. I used my scanner and had to scan it a couple of times to get what I thought was close to a true color. I had cropped just the stitched part at first and it looked too light! It was just easier while it fits in the scanner. For the remainder of the night I stitched on FAS.

Suzanne, I do love the Q-Snap covers! The bulk of my extra fabric is in the bottom right now since the pattern is longer than wide. I just have to roll/fold it up and stuff it in the cover in the back and there you have it! Out of the way and really helps to stay clean! The way that I wag my projects around, that's a big plus. My FAS I have been stitching in hand because of the silk floss. Just too scared to mess up the floss in a q-snap. Too much time and $ tied up in it to mess that one up! When I started this project, I caught myself starting it in hand! LOL!

Well, it's Sunday. Busy day here for me. Time to get breakfast on and the kids ready for church. They go back to school tomorrow and Bryon goes back to work tomorrow as well. 4-8 hour days at this point. We'll see how long that lasts! I start my busy season hours, working until 5. I have to admit, even though I do not like working until 5, I really enjoy those hour long Becky and Chris would say, those margarita lunches! LOL!

Catch ya later ladies,


Saturday, January 3, 2009

How Do You Do It?

I'm envious of the progress y'all have made. I worked on mine some tonight, but didn't get a lot done. I finished another project I was stitching though. I thought I was going to have a problem with the design being too close to the edge of the fabric, but it is still in 2.5 inches rather than 3 inches. It's just closer than I would like because I like to have lots of fabric on the edge of my qsnap so it doesn't feel like it's barely hanging on.

And speaking of fabric on the edge of your are you all managing all of the extra fabric? This is a really big piece so there is a lot of fabric! Do qsnap covers really work to hold all that extra material?


My progress as of 01.02.09

I've stitched a bit more today, but spent most of today taking down Christmas decorations while DH was willing to help. I am now finished with page 1, but have not taken that picture yet. Also, this pic was taken with my NEW Canon Digital 12.2 megapixel camera that DH and the girls got me for Christmas! I'm so excited!! OH! I forgot to tell you all that I changed my fabric at the last minute. I'm still doing it on 32 count linen, but using the Lambswool color instead of the ivory. The colors look so rich!!

Hey Becky! I have PROGRESS!

Look at me go! LOL! You know that it's only because I had a long weekend and was missing one child today, right? Anyway, I got the first page finished and started on the second while I waited on Bryon to let me have a turn at the computer. :o) Now..... I want to see yours missy.....

Inspiration - August o8, 2008


Obviously, the test post worked! So now I am unleashed to vent, post pictures, harrass, and frighten you all!

I just had to post again to say, Dana, I should have known you would have chosen scissors as your ID pic. (shaking head) Especially since there probably wasn't one available of Genghis Grill! LOL!!



Hey, everyone!! I'm just checking to see if I did this right. I stitched almost the entire first page today. Hey! There was a lot of football going on! Tomorrow I'll be working on taking down Christmas decorations, so you will all have time to catch up!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Question About Photo Posting

The question was raised about when to post photos. I thought it might be fun just to post as the stitcher chooses...I'm wondering if we all posted on a particular day if we might get overwhelmed with pictures all at once?

How to post pictures, or let me see if I can confuse someone:
  • When you are at the box where you type your post, look at the top bar of that box. There is an icon there (just after the spellcheck icon) that looks kind of like a photo (if you squint and really use your imagination). Click on that.

  • That will bring up a separate window and will allow you to post a picture from your computer or from the web. I have never posted from the web...but theoretically you can. Click on the browse button underneath where it says "add image from your computer". That will bring up a window for you to select the picture.

  • You then have an option as to how you want your picture to appear on the page and what size you want it to be. I always center mine in the middle of the post, and select large. It gives you an option to use whatever layout you select each time you post. Check that box if you want to be lazy and not have to remember how you did it.

  • Then click the upload image button. It should say that your image is being loaded and in just a minute it should show the picture you selected. Then click the done button.
For some reason, no matter where you have the cursor in your post when you try to add a picture, it will always show up at the top of the page. I don't know why. It's one of life's mysteries. I just click and drag it to where I want it to be. That's another reason I like to center mine...I tried it a different way one time, and didn't like how it looked.

Another of life's mysteries is why Blogger sometimes single spaces and sometimes double spaces your text. This is one of those things that drives my little OCD heart crazy. But I have not been able to find a way to make it behave. If you are able to figure it out, for pity's sake, share your secret with me!

Hopefully this all made sense! If you get confused or have questions, let me know!


You Are Cordially Invited

I have now sent invitations to all of those who have given me their email addresses and indicated that they want to be involved.

Any more takers?!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to SAL 2009!

Happy New Year!

In the past couple of days, I noticed a post on the 123Stitch message board about a few ladies who were going to stitch a Rosewood Manor design called Inspiration. I have had this kitted up for quite a while, but I had not planned to stitch it just yet. However, the idea of a SAL really interested me since I have never done one before.

I have set up this blog so that we can post pictures and share our progress. I'm hoping that those joining in will introduce themselves so that we can all get to know each other as the year passes.

My name is Suzanne and I live in central Arkansas. I live with my 4 canine children, who in some ways are probably more spoiled than most human children! LOL I work as a mental health therapist (although I am currently between jobs and actively looking). I have been stitching for about 25 years (yeah, ok, I'm in my 40s...) I have varied taste in designs that I like to stitch. Some of my favorite designers include Lizzie Kate, Bent Creek, A Mon Amie Pierre, L&L, Homespun Elegance, Shepherd's Bush, Little House Needleworks, Country Cottage Needleworks, and the Paula Vaughan designs that have been adapted for cross stitch. Like I said, I have varied taste! LOL

If you would like to join us, let me know and I can add you as an author and add you to the list of stitchers on the blog. Email me at

I'm looking forward to this year and stitching this beautiful design!

Happy Stitching,