Saturday, January 24, 2009


But not on Inspiration......on my FAS. Here is my latest picture. I have now completed 10 of the 12 pages. WOOHOO!


  1. WOW Dana, that is gorgeous. No wonder you want to keep working on it and finish it up. I love your colours.

  2. SO, you are now SHOWING us your excuse for not stitching on the assigned project, huh? That's the way. Make everyone think you are busy on this one and sneak in a few hundred stitches on Inspiration while no one is looking. The ol' Bait & Switch routine? LOL!!

    This is really a beautiful piece. I have seen this in person, way back at the beginning. It's really gorgeous. But I can't remember, is the floss as purple as it looks in the pic? For some reason, I thought there was more of a red/wine colored cast to it. Maybe I'm imagining things.

    Can you believe you are almost finished? I don't blame you for focusing just on this one. When I get this close to finishing, it's all I can think about. And besides, with you focused on this, I can get further and further ahead on Inspiration!!

  3. Silly goose! The floss variagates from purple to blue to a pinkish color. I am in the process of posting the spool right now on 123 to a thread posted to my attention, so you can see it there. Just wait, all this extra work should (should being the key word) be over soon, and you had better watch out! :o)

  4. Looks great Dana and love the colours you are using.


  5. I saw the post on the 123 board. Yes, that's more what I remembered it being. It just looked all one color and I thought maybe I was remembering wrong. I tend to do that a lot these days. It looks wonderful. Those colors are just beautiful.

    Mary is in town, but she had to work tonight and I have a meeting at my house tomorrow night, so we aren't going to be able to get together this week. I'm sad. But she'll be back next week.