Wednesday, January 7, 2009


You mean you met up with Becky, and you lived to tell about it? Are you ever lucky! Seriously, she's a pretty good girl. I think so anyway.

I stitched on FAS again last night. We watched 3 episodes of Unit. I didn't bring out my stitching until the second one I think it was. It had my FULL attention! We have church tonight, and tomorrow is Bryon's birthday. Not sure if we will go and do something or not. Still pretty slim right now after him being off for two weeks.

Becky, Bryon said that yesterday he was hearing April or August on this 4-8 hr day week baloney! He will be sending out resumes somewhere! Can't sit around and work 32 hour weeks for that long! And also I do know that the internal job posting of my job, the interested applicants have to have their resumes in by this coming Monday. I figure that they will be publishing it in the paper as well. I also know that there is one girl that has submitted her interest from work. "My" Lindsey had put in her resume a few weeks ago. She graduated from Bethel a few weeks ago, from their success program. I am afraid that Val is wanting a more specific accounting education like mine. But, who knows......I do know her resume was in the HR manager's box yesterday, because I saw it in there! In that success program, you graduate with a BS in Organizational Management, or something like that. She had an accounting class or two in that program.

Girls, ya'll have a wonderful day. And those of you who do not have a public job outside the home, think of me if you get some stitching in during the day today. :o) Just think that I would rather be doing the same thing! LOL! The weekend is drawing near.....


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