Thursday, January 8, 2009

I knew you would win!

Thought I was Chris, didn't you? :op I will get back to mine, especially after last night. I am MAD at my FAS!

There was not much stitching at all for me last night with that headache from hades. But I did stitch a little, and it was on FAS. And I had to frog that. AND, I realized that I have made a counting boo boo on my big Z on the bottom right corner! ARRRGH! It couldn't have been one of the little letters, but the biggest letters on there! I am not for certain that I am going to remove it yet.... the Y next to it is correct. It is one stitch, so I might just leave it. I noticed it when I was checking the little letter that I had just stitched above it and it was off. That was the one that I removed. ;o)

You know that I will keep your DH in my prayers. Be sure to keep me updated as you hear. One thing for sure, this recession is not a respecter of persons, is it?

On a lighter note, poor Bryon. He will now have to deal with double PMS every month in this household! LOL! On that aspect of it, I think it is kind of humorous! On the other hand, my little girl is growing up..... :o(


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