Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Starting Over

Well, I debated for a day or so, and finally decided to take out what I had done on Inspiration. Since that was not much, it was not really a big deal. What settled the matter was measuring. Although the piece of fabric...which is huge by the way...looks almost square, it should be slightly longer one way. So before I created a disaster, I decided to remeasure and make sure I was stitching the right way on the fabric. When I measured, I remembered that I had done a smart thing. Since this piece is large, I had decided to leave 4 inches all around instead of 3 inches. That meant I had an extra inch that would help the fabric stay in the qnap better. I tried to use 11 inch qsnaps but it's just too much to handle without my arm getting tired. This should be a joy to stitch, not a chore. So I went back to my 8 inch qsnaps. I started the border again last night, and it was SO much easier to stitch. I really enjoyed it. I realized that I had been avoiding it because it was not comfortable. So I hope to get some done on it now.

Becky, the Ho Ho Ho chart is by SanMan Originals and was one of their Secret Shop charts for those who subscribe to the newsletter. They have these charts in their newsletter that are available while they last and there are usually only 20 or so of them. I happened to be right there when the newsletter came and so I got several. Usually by the time I see the newsletter the ones I want are all gone.

I think it was Dana who posted about stitching some other things...I will be doing that too. I had been stitching seasonal things all through fall and the holidays and had some snow-themed things that I wanted to start next. The SAL was a last minute decision and so I still want to stitch my snow things! I'll be posting pics on my blog as they get done if anyone wants to see...


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