Monday, January 19, 2009

Goal set!

I have a goal for the end of Feb to be finished with FAS. I wanted to be finished with the current page this weekend, but didn't quite make it. Got close, but not quite. Should by this weekend, and then I will only have two pages left. It's is eating me away! LOL! This working over is not helping. It's looking like there might be a Saturday in my schedule this week..... UGH.....

And Becky, they did the internal interviews this week, but apparently no one is qualified enough. So now they will post the job in the paper and start taking those. Just makes the suspense longer for me. I asked her about a week ago that when they filled my job, what would my position be? She kind of covered her face and looked up at me and said with a funny look on her face : "I haven't decided on a title for you yet..." But I can not decide if she's pulling me along though. We went to lunch on Thursday and one of the higher ups went with us. We were all talking about the restructuring and she even made the comment "She doesn't know exactly what she's going to be doing yet..." with Ed there. But, Friday, she called me in there and she had developed a review for both the employee and the employee's manager to work up during reviews on the employees. She had me fill out one on a co-worker 'to see if it worked'. It has a formula to calculate the result. My result was 10 points off from hers on the same person, but landed in the same final category. Dale, our HR manager was also in there, and she said to me, "Now you see just exactly what we, I mean what I, will be filling out..." I still think that this is going to be a good thing. I am so trying to be patient. :o)

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  1. I think they have a management level position in mind, don't you? With some authority attached! Better be some more pay attached, too! You've got them where you want them! They know they have to have you there, so squeeze every dime out of them.

    I know the suspense is a killer. It drives me nuts not knowing something, so let me know as soon as you find out something. But you can not use this bit of info as a means to make me stop stitching so you can get ahead of me!

    Good luck! Hope you find out something soon! Does this mean that Lindsey is now in the running for your position?