Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally....an update from Becky

At long last, I am posting my updated pic. I have not stitched on this for almost a month. After the auction, I was just totally wiped out and felt I just couldn't concentrate on the intricate details of the "village people". LOL!! Hopefully, I'm going to get back to this tonight!!


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  1. Now ya'll are putting me to shame. not only have you posted at 123, but now you have all posted here as well! LOL! That's okay, I'll be on the ball soon. No stitchin for me last night after church. I was texting Becking after I got out of church and then more after I got out of Wal-Mart! Then I made cupcakes after I got home. Luke will be 6 Saturday and so he is taking cupcakes with him to school today. The kids do not usually have to go to school on Friday, especially Luke. He is automatically off every Friday this year. next year he will be like Kristin, can earn off on Fridays. Too bad I can't earn off on Fridays from work! LOL! Keep up what;s going on and I feel like I am gonig to earn a permnant vacation, even thoguh I am assured I am not. It's tough having to watch and take notes on your own boss to tell the HR manager.....