Monday, January 12, 2009

And another one gone.....

Oh, yes!! Another Inspiration page bites the dust for me! I'm 10% finished! Page 3 is complete and a bit of page 4 has begun. I am SO loving stitching this piece, what about you?

I'll take a pic and post an update soon. Tonight I have a drama meeting at the high school at 7 because Whitney is in the school play and a dance team meeting at 8 because we are less than a month from going to the national competition. Then I HAVE to go to the store. They said the "S" word on the weather forecast which means that I have to make a mandatory appearance at the grocery store. It's the law here in the south. If snow is mentioned, you HAVE to report to the nearest grocery store to buy supplies for the rest of the winter because it may never melt, you know.

Stop laughing, Dana.....You KNOW I'm telling the truth!!


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