Sunday, January 4, 2009

Looking good girls!

Your pictures are looking great girls! I tell you, this is fun and I really love this blog thing. I just might have to look into starting one of my own.....

Love your fabric too Becky. I used my scanner and had to scan it a couple of times to get what I thought was close to a true color. I had cropped just the stitched part at first and it looked too light! It was just easier while it fits in the scanner. For the remainder of the night I stitched on FAS.

Suzanne, I do love the Q-Snap covers! The bulk of my extra fabric is in the bottom right now since the pattern is longer than wide. I just have to roll/fold it up and stuff it in the cover in the back and there you have it! Out of the way and really helps to stay clean! The way that I wag my projects around, that's a big plus. My FAS I have been stitching in hand because of the silk floss. Just too scared to mess up the floss in a q-snap. Too much time and $ tied up in it to mess that one up! When I started this project, I caught myself starting it in hand! LOL!

Well, it's Sunday. Busy day here for me. Time to get breakfast on and the kids ready for church. They go back to school tomorrow and Bryon goes back to work tomorrow as well. 4-8 hour days at this point. We'll see how long that lasts! I start my busy season hours, working until 5. I have to admit, even though I do not like working until 5, I really enjoy those hour long Becky and Chris would say, those margarita lunches! LOL!

Catch ya later ladies,



  1. I told you it would be fun! LOL


  2. Yea, I'm leaning toward setting up one for me, too. This part is easy. I love that we can all "talk" this way. Allows my warped sense of humor to be shared by many instead of just lavished on a couple of people. LOL!! Sorry!

    My guess is the blogging will have to wait until after the auction.