Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my progress

Here is my progress as of yesterday, I worked on the right hand side and got as far as starting the urn.


  1. Lynn, if you put mine and yours together, we are almost finished with the outside! LOL!!

    I was planning on working on Eye of the Tiger along with this one, but all that brown and white on black.....blech! This is so much more fun to do. Plus the pages are small so you feel you are accomplishing something!

    Hope you guys aren't freezing to death up there in Canada. It's been terribly cold here (well, cold for Nashville). I have to tell you it's hard to believe all the global warming talk when your feet haven't been warm in 3 months! LOL!!


  2. I like your way of thinking Becky! lol I have been away the last five days and had only brought A Love Song with me. I did make progress of that one though, got about 1/4 of it done.

    I have also been working on Hypnotic Leopard by Kustom Kraft, talk about brown and different shades of it! I did end up gridding my fabric(I also did this for Inspiration) and it makes it so much easier, at least if you mess it up you find out within a 10x10 squares.

    Talks about cold! You go outside and your nostrils freeze together lol I can take Nashville at any time.