Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Also Here

Please forgive me if I do something wrong. This is my first time to start a post.

I'm still around, and have just started stitching this pattern. I have the outer edge and part of one flower done on page 1 - so yes, I have just started. I decided that I was going to grid my fabric (28 count ivory - a yellowish colour), so spent time yesterday doing that. That is a slow process for sure. But it makes it so nice to actually stitch, because I know that what I've done is in the correct place.

I'm having a problem figuring out the b/s on this page (yes, I know I just started), but how do you know what is vine and what is the stamen of the large flower? Is the large flower the yellow/red one in the upper corner?

I am looking forward to doing more work on this design, and am off to do a bit more gridding or stitching on it.

I know Lynn has been doing some stitching on Inspiration but has had to deal with some health issues for her mother over the last few days.


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  1. I have not stitched since Sunday I think it was. Things have been crazy. Luke did so well at school last week. Never lost an apple. This week.....well.....let's say he did a complete 360! This is his second night in a row that he has had 5 pages of Math homework! He's 5! He is having trouble focusing. I had asked his ped. about having him evaluated back when he was about to start school (I was recognizing the same signs I had with his sister) and they don't like to before they are 6. He will be 6 two months from today. I am going to call tomorrow anyway. I can not deal with this, and extended working hours as well. I worked until 7:20 last night. It was almost 9 by the time I got home. He had 5 pages of Math to do, plus reading pages that took him an hour. It was after 10 before I put him in the bathtub!!! And then this morning we still had to go over a few other things for tests today. I am exhausted. Bryon and Kristin went to church tonight. I am at home harping on Luke to get this work done. GRRRR. It's like his teacher said, he can do it when he 'wants' to and can stay focused.

    After he gets finished, I plan to sit in the recliner and stitch some.

    And Barb, the stamen, from what I can tell by looking and studying the picture, are the two stitches coming off the round red flower at the bottom almost of page one. The stitches are above and below the arrow symbols. If I am wrong, someone else can correct me. That is where I put my BS for the stamen anyway. :o)