Friday, January 9, 2009

Just wait, I WILL catch you!

I stitched a little again last night after we got home from my parents taking us out for Bryon's b'day last night, then we ran to Lowe's to look at flooring possibilities, and then I went to WM for groceries! Then I scrubbed a bathroom last night, too! But I stitched on FAS..... I am having problems putting it down right now, BUT, I will catch up! I have decided that I will NOT remove all that I would have to on that big Z. Reasons following:
1. Because of the type of pattern, no one will ever know by looking
2. All of the other letters around it are correct.
3. I won't know for sure how much excess silk that I have until I make it to the end. No wasting that much until I am finished, if I decide I want to change it then, I will, but not until.

Yours is looking great, Becky. I have to get up early in the morning to have Kristin at the church at 7 (UGH), but I should not have to do much tomorrow. Hoping for a stitch day. Not supposed to be doing anything strenuous for a while with my shoulder anyway. :o) I am thinking of calling Donna and see if she would like to come over and sit and stitch with me! The more I think about it, the more fun it would be. I think I shall have to call her today.


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  1. You know, we forgot to include Donna in the list for the stitching weekend, if we have it. I'll have to see how this auction plays out. Still looking like March is the best bet.