Friday, January 2, 2009

Question About Photo Posting

The question was raised about when to post photos. I thought it might be fun just to post as the stitcher chooses...I'm wondering if we all posted on a particular day if we might get overwhelmed with pictures all at once?

How to post pictures, or let me see if I can confuse someone:
  • When you are at the box where you type your post, look at the top bar of that box. There is an icon there (just after the spellcheck icon) that looks kind of like a photo (if you squint and really use your imagination). Click on that.

  • That will bring up a separate window and will allow you to post a picture from your computer or from the web. I have never posted from the web...but theoretically you can. Click on the browse button underneath where it says "add image from your computer". That will bring up a window for you to select the picture.

  • You then have an option as to how you want your picture to appear on the page and what size you want it to be. I always center mine in the middle of the post, and select large. It gives you an option to use whatever layout you select each time you post. Check that box if you want to be lazy and not have to remember how you did it.

  • Then click the upload image button. It should say that your image is being loaded and in just a minute it should show the picture you selected. Then click the done button.
For some reason, no matter where you have the cursor in your post when you try to add a picture, it will always show up at the top of the page. I don't know why. It's one of life's mysteries. I just click and drag it to where I want it to be. That's another reason I like to center mine...I tried it a different way one time, and didn't like how it looked.

Another of life's mysteries is why Blogger sometimes single spaces and sometimes double spaces your text. This is one of those things that drives my little OCD heart crazy. But I have not been able to find a way to make it behave. If you are able to figure it out, for pity's sake, share your secret with me!

Hopefully this all made sense! If you get confused or have questions, let me know!


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