Saturday, January 3, 2009


Obviously, the test post worked! So now I am unleashed to vent, post pictures, harrass, and frighten you all!

I just had to post again to say, Dana, I should have known you would have chosen scissors as your ID pic. (shaking head) Especially since there probably wasn't one available of Genghis Grill! LOL!!



  1. I see just how you are, and so will Suzanne now! :op You know that if I had a picture of Genghis, you would be right there with me! Cold Stone as well. :o)

    My progress last night went to FAS. Today will be a different story. Planning on working on both, probably starting out on Inspiration. Will have to post a picture later today. Question: I usually do backstitching last, but there is a LOT of backstitching on this one, and I kind of want to do it as I go. Some of it laps from page to page, and I know that those parts will have to wait until the next page. How are ya'll going to do the backstitching? As you go or at the end?


  2. Thanks Becky for the instructions on how to post a picture. As you can see I have been stitching on this before, started sometimes in early 2008 and worked on it diligently until Aug/08 What happened? Who knows!! lol I think I need some motivation to get this project done.
    Becky, I am all for a GTG! I am sure I can talk DH into heading back to Nashville, no problem.
    Looking forward to chatting with all of you.