Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yes, I survived!

I didn't realize that part of the group "initation" was coke in your purse! I'm glad I missed that, because there sure is a lot of stuff in there that doesn't go well with coke!!! LOL!! She was very well behaved, I have more trips up here in the next few weeks so I'll see how things progress. :) I worked on my LK again last night, less than 3 words left! My client for next week cancelled, so I'll be working from home. Strangely enough DH is going to be out of town, so I'll have the house to myself.........hopefully I can get caught up with some of you all on Inspiration!!! Becky, I'll keep your DH in my prayers, hopefully everything will be ok, it's a tough time for people in his field. Even the governments have tightened their belts and we are feeling it also, the time home is great, but it doesn't help the paycheck or business. You all have a great day! I get to fly home this afternoon!!!


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